Monthly Candlelit Yin Yoga Workshops

~ a melting into the earth ~

At Station Yard Studio’s, Ashburton, £20.
There are limited spaces available so pre-booking is essential.
Please email me to book your place.

NEXT WORKSHOP: Friday April 26th 2019 19:00 - 21:00

These two hour workshop’s are a chance to restore energy and invite the unraveling of deep layers of tension through the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies. Focusing on longer held floor based asana's (poses) yin yoga works to release tension through the connective tissues, a matrix of energetic pathways which extend into every cell in the body. We will be deepening our connection with the yogic principle of ishvara pranidhana which means to surrender.

For two hours we will relax deeply into the Earth inviting a release of all that we hold in our day to day lives journeying towards a place of stillness, inner connection, meditation and deep breathing. We will end with a yoga nidra which is a deep relaxation that aims to tap into the subconscious mind enabling us to journey through different realms of our being with a chance to call in a positive intention or prayer that we would like to work with in our life.  The yoga nidra will be accompanied by the healing tones of the crystal bowl. Yin yoga is a powerful practice that brings balance to our active/yang lifestyle. 

Yin quality’s we will be embracing: Darkness, passivity, inward gaze, slowness, earth, water, night, mystery, moon, observation, bliss, vision, less is more, losing, giving, surrender…

I look forward to welcoming you into the depth of this healing nourishing practice that welcomes the stopping, the resting and everything being ok just as it is.

To expand contract first
To attain clarity allow confusion
To become civilized first live in the wild 
The balance of all things is in their opposite's
The truth points in both directions
Thus the clenched fist holds weakness within
And the open hand holds the hidden power of the sun ~ From the Tao of Healing 

Monthly Beginners Yoga Workshops

BEGINNERS Yoga Sessions!.jpg

Blessing Yoga

Yoga for weddings, wedding blessings, birth blessings, birthday celebrations and other sacred life events! 

Contact me if you would like to include a ceremonial yoga practice to mark lifes rite's of passages in a special, sacred and beautiful way.

The yoga session can be specifically tailored for you and your blessing with help from me weaving together elements of ceremony, group connection, prayer and intention.  

£100 for an 1.5 Contact me for more info. 





Thank you so much for such a nourishing, beautiful yoga session on Saturday everyone talked about it for the rest of the weekend and were really inspired.
— Francesca