Pregnancy Yoga 


Join me for pregnancy yoga in Ashburton on Thursday's from 18:00 - 19:00: Click here for more info on the class.  

I am also offering one2one's from home and pregnancy yoga and birth preparation workshops.

You can attend the pregnancy yoga one2one's at any point in your pregnancy. For workshops, courses and classes you can join from 14 weeks onward and no experience is necessary. Many women discover the benefits of yoga for the first time during pregnancy and it can provide you with valuable tools that will support your body whilst you are pregnant and prepare you mentally physically and spiritually for labour and your journey into motherhood. 

During the sessions we will: 

- open and free up tension in our bodies, creating space for our growing babies

- bond with babe in the womb

- learn breathing and movement techniques for optimal foetal positioning and for birthing our babies

- prepare emotionally and physically for childbirth

- gain support through meeting other pregnant women

Our daughter Rue Frances is a pretty chilled out baby and we put that down to her lovely birth, which I don’t think I could have achieved without Emily’s yoga teaching. Thank you again for such beautiful prenatal yoga classes and the love and support of the group.
— Holly
As soon as my contractions began to feel a bit more real I got out my yoga mat! Even just a few classes where you take the time to allow yourself to connect with your bump and practise whatever you can must be good. I managed to have a 100% natural birth in a birthing pool with no painkillers or intervention at was an amazing experience that I really wanted to have. I wanted to tell you straight away how proud i was that I was able to use the techniques we learned and that they worked! I know how it is to feel really unlucky and sad about not having a positive birth experience and I had my doubts about whether I would be able to actually give birth without it going wrong. If I can have that experience after my first one being so hard then anything is possible for anyone. Keep doing what you’re doing because I really think it had a huge impact on my experience.
— Sula

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