Yoga Classes  

Summer Classes - Thurs 1st August - continuing into Autumn term 19:30 - 21:00 at Station Yard Studio's with Vya.
All classes start back with cover teachers on 4th September! Scroll down to read more about who’s covering and when.



Ashburton Quaker Meeting House: Foales Court just off North street, TQ13 7QE. Turn down the alley (Foales Court) by the Deli and it will soon appear on your left. You can park in the main town car park. 

Station Yard Yoga: 4 Station Yard, Chuley Road, Ashburton Devon, TQ13 7EF. Once in Ashburton town center drive down st Lawrence Lane and follow the road round to the right. Take the first turning on the right in between two car parks. You can park outside the studio. 

Props At both venues props such as mats, bolsters, blankets straps and blocks are provided but if you prefer to practice on your own mat please bring your own. 


Drop in rates: 90 min class £10, 75min class £9 Class Card rates: 5 class card £45 valid 3 months, 10 class card £85 valid 6 months.  See below for Pregnancy Yoga Classes. 

Private Classes and Yoga Therapy Sessions are also available. £45 per hour / £60 per hour and a half. The first session includes in that price an extra 15 mins for proper assessment. Please see below and be in touch for more details. 


~ Restore & Flow ~


9:30 - 11:00

Ashburton Quaker Meeting House

The restore and flow practice takes the form of slow flowing sequences woven together with deeply restorative floor based yoga poses. This combination is designed to enhance energy whilst also providing deep nourishment through rest, physically building the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. The class is designed to meet each individual at their own level of practice and is therefore perfect for the beginner or more advanced practitioner. 

The first half hour focuses on relaxation, deepening the breath and restorative poses, that allow our body to recover energy and rest at a deep level, gently releasing accumulated tension. The next half hour focuses on building strength throughout the whole body including the core and more energising movement to encourage stuck energy to shift which naturally increases vitality. The last half hour invites more flexibility and suppleness as we hold deeply opening floor based poses and ask the body to gently go beyond where it currently is. The class ends with a deep relaxation.

This yoga practice is a sacred space for you to meet your body, your mind, your heart, your spirit and your breath. A place to welcome and feel into all of who you are, to feel whole, and I hope you leave feeling deeply nourished.

Each class may feel different as we flow from season to season and as I try to respond to the energy in the room on that day.  The invitation is always to listen to your own body and work at your own pace for which there are always options. 

Yoga means union and the aim of this yoga practice is to invite a sense of awareness and oneness with all that is in each moment, no matter what we see in ourselves, all is welcome in this space. This class is a moment in time where we are invited to step back into connection with our true nature and come home to ourselves.  Click here to read more about what influences my teaching. 

The tools we use are:

Breath work ~ Simply learning to deepen our breath known as pranayama has many benefits such as relieving anxiety and calming the mind. This allows us to connect with the deeper layers of our being beyond the mind. We also invite in more life force energy and the more life force energy or prana we have the more vibrant we can be. 

Movement ~  movement or asana strengthens, opens and transforms our physical body which is a pathway to transforming and enlivening our whole being. Again when we change our alignment and posture this can positively effect all layers of the self including our emotional and energetic bodies. Movement also awaken's dormant energy, shift's stagnant energy or blockages which is key for physical & emotional health.

Stillness ~ Through meditation and deep relaxation we slow down and let the wisdom of the body speak to us. Allowing time to simply listen to what is real and present for us in that moment we give space to know ourselves on a deeper level. 

Pregnancy Yoga 


18:00 - 19:00

Station Yard Yoga Studio

This class is run in half term blocks and is £8 per session. To reserve your space each block needs to be paid for in full minus any sessions you know in advance you are unable to attend. You can join at any point in the term and for your first session you are welcome to pay £8 drop in price as a taster before commiting to a block.

Contact me to book your space:, 07941337806

You can attend the pregnancy yoga courses from 14 weeks onward in your pregnancy.  Many women discover the benefits of yoga for the first time during pregnancy and it can provide you with valuable tools that will support your body whilst you are pregnant and prepare you mentally, physically and spiritually for birthing your baby and your journey into motherhood. 

During the sessions we will: 

- open and free up tension in our bodies, creating space for our growing babies

- bond with baby in the womb

- learn breathing and movement techniques for optimal foetal positioning and for birthing our babies

- prepare emotionally and physically for childbirth

- gain support through meeting other pregnant women

Class description above. Drop in rate and class card rate available. See top of page for pricing info. 






~ Restore & Flow ~


19:30 - 21:00

Station Yard Studio's

If you would like one to one tuition, to develop a self practice or to use yoga therapeutically to help with a specific issue then please be in touch for a one to one session.

Well woman womb yoga specifically focuses on using yoga to guide us through specific issues we may be facing around fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, post-natal phase and menopause. 

For more info on Pregnancy Yoga One2one's please click here.

All one - 2 - one sessions are £45 per hour. First session will be an hour and a quarter. 

One - 2 - one Sessions in:

 Pregnancy Yoga

Well Woman Womb Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Developing a personal practise

Cover Teaching Schedule

Summer Classes

Thurs 1st August - continuing into Autumn term 19:30 - 21:00 at Station Yard Studio's with Vya.

Wednesday 9:30 - 11 at Ashburton Quaker Meeting House:

Weds 4th Sep - Weds 25th Sep - Megan

Weds 2nd Oct - Weds 16th Oct - Vya

23rd & 30th Half term break. TBC if classes are running.

6th Nov - 27th Nov - Vya

4th Dec - 18th Dec - Megan

Thursday 19:30 - 21:00 at Station Yard Studio's Ashburton:

Thurs 5th Sep - Thurs 19th Dec - Vya

(Half term break TBC)


Vya Freeman

Vya's classes are a balance between physical asana and meditation encouraging the exploration of both the mind and body as entwined energies. Through breath work, asana, krya, mantra, mudra and meditation we are able to cultivate the essence of being fully present and begin to see how we are able to integrate these practices into our daily lives.


Megan Beck

We look at breath, movement and alignment with a "kindly curiosity," dip a toe into some occasional poetry or philosophy, and explore this centering practice of yoga in a warm and nourishing environment.

Megan's classes seek to inspire a sense of balance, grounding and spaciousness.